Thursday, May 5, 2011

What does 2x removed mean??

Understanding how you are related to all your ancestors once yous start entering names past first cousins can become quite confusing and complicated. I found a chart that can help with this situation.

Abbreviations Used:
CA Common Ancestor C Child
GC Grandchild GGC Great Grandchild
S Sibling (Brother/Sister) N Niece/Nephew
GN Grand Niece/Nephew GGN Great Grand Niece/Nephew
#C Cousin Relationship, e.g., 1C = First Cousin, etc.
#R # of times removed, e.g., 4R = 4 times removed, etc.

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
2 GC N 1C 1C 1R 1C 2R 1C 3R 1C 4R 1C 5R 1C 6R 1C 7R 1C 8R
3 GGC GN 1C 1R 2C 2C 1R 2C 2R 2C 3R 2C 4R 2C 5R 2C 6R 2C 7R
4 2 GGC GGN 1C 2R 2C 1R 3C 3C 1R 3C 2R 3C 3R 3C 4R 3C 5R 3C 6R
5 3 GGC 2 GGN 1C 3R 2C 2R 3C 1R 4C 4C 1R 4C 2R 4C 3R 4C 4R 4C 5R
6 4 GGC 3 GGN 1C 4R 2C 3R 3C 2R 4C 1R 5C 5C 1R 5C 2R 5C 3R 5C 4R
7 5 GGC 4 GGN 1C 5R 2C 4R 3C 3R 4C 2R 5C 1R 6C 6C 1R 6C 2R 6C 3R
8 6 GGC 5 GGN 1C 6R 2C 5R 3C 4R 4C 3R 5C 2R 6C 1R 7C 7C 1R 7C 2R
9 7 GGC 6 GGN 1C 7R 2C 6R 3C 5R 4C 4R 5C 3R 6C 2R 7C 1R 8C 8C 1R
10 8 GGC 7 GGN 1C 8R 2C 7R 3C 6R 4C 5R 5C 4R 6C 3R 7C 2R 8C 1R 9C

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Creating a Family Tree Album

Creating a Family Tree Album is easier than you think with some awesome programs out there to use. I personally have stuck with Family Tree Maker because it works in combination with I subscribe to as I have had such great success with the website. I was recently looking through my Family Tree Maker program which I am proud to say that as of today I have 2,044 family names entered. I have entered all branches as one huge tree that I can dissect any way I want. That being said I like to print off certain families when I want to share with different members of my huge family. That way what they see or read is in direct relation to them. You can print in a down-line or up-line manner. You can pick two people and literally see exactly how they are related to each other. My find today consists of a section of I found it through my Family Tree Maker program under the Publish section. It was called "Books". I clicked on it and it brought me to MyCanvas within You can check it out at 
MyCanvas home page photo book image
You can have Family History Books printed in bulk for your family at really reasonable prices or simply print them out yourself. If you select to order the book it is professionally done as you can see from the photo above. The process uploads your family tree from your Family Tree Maker program to You can invite family to visit your online family tree, with your permission of course and you also have options to hide the living to protect their information. I took a couple screen shots of my family tree from my Family Tree Maker program first and then how it looks from You can see the little green leaves next to some of the names. Just like they show you in the commercials. The little green leaves wiggle to notify you that has possible information that matches this name. 
Screen Shot of Family Tree Maker

Screen Shot of with uploaded Family Tree

Screen Shot taken from My Canvas to order Family History Books

This last screen shot is taken of a page I printed from the MyCanvas section of to share with you so you can get an idea of what it looks like. I think the options and layout to be quite professional and user friendly. A definite necessity for a newbie!
Enjoy and as always comments are welcome and encouraged!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting your Family Tree

The first thing you will need to do is visit one of the websites I listed below.  Start entering names for your tree. Start with yourself, siblings, your parents and grand parents. Get the information entered into a secure website or a computer program. The easiest way to get information written down is either through a computer program or a website such as or My Once you start your tree online you can get your family involved. Invite them to look at your tree online and they can help add to it for you. You can also start taking advantage of these websites to find your family. There are millions of family trees listed with these website that are searchable. It is very user friendly and I am sure you will enjoy the process. I have found many many websites that have helped me find not only people, but geographical information as well.
So first of all here is a list of places you can visit to get started. Offers an excellent downloadable *free* program to get you started.
Once you get started you won`t want to stop. It is an ongoing process that you can keep coming back to and constantly find new information.